Sunday, February 19, 2006

unit 011 - song

this is the illustration which i've done for the song "apple tree" in the album called goodmorningloria!! if you wanna listen the album,, you can try here! hope you like it!!

Apple Tree

Dum Dum apple orange tree
Pizza I don't want to eat
Maybe I'll like to say something how about
thank you for your coming

Drawings represent something
Dancing like a butterfly
Maybe you'll like to say how about
thank you for your kind attention

Move away
you and me far away
come closer put it away
And then no one gets left behind together sing
For all those beautiful things (yeah yeah)
no anger
no more hunger
no more war
no more pain


MjM said...

Love your work. Delicious whimsy and masterful execution.


HARDWAX said...

I like your poetry, and direct, simple illustrations,they always make the point so effectiely.

studerdoodle said...

I admire the simplicity, and color choices.

krista said...

This picture reminds me of when I was little and I would aviod practising paino.

I love the apple.